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Add value

Planting trees on your property will add value and equity to your home. Planting a new tree can be simple or complicated. It can involve landscapers designers heavy equipment and expense or you can buy a tree on sale for a few bucks, bring it home plant it in the lawn and walk away. Certainly, you'll never be sorry for planting a tree especially after you see it grow large and strong. 888-339-3632


Improve every property

One of the ways I have used to improve every property I have owned is to plant between 5 to 10 new trees every year. This works for me because I always live in the country on at least five acres but it can work for you even if you live in town on a small lot. Trees are an improvement to most any property and one of the cheapest improvements you can make. Look at 2 similar homes side by side. The one with nice large trees will sell quicker and for more money every single time.


The Right Location for your new Tree

Plant that tree in the right location and you really will have no regrets. Plant a tree that gets large a few feet from your house and you will sing the blues later as the tree rubs against your house and the roots damage your foundation.

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Tree Planting Guys and Tree Planting

Tree Planting Guys  feels like plant a small tree or tree like shrub if you need to fill a location next to your house. Plant a medium tree in the back yard or side yard and larger trees if you have a large front or back yard. Follow these simple rules and you will have no regrets later when your tree reaches mature size

Planting the Tree

To plant a tree we at Tree Planting Guys dig a hole shaped like a triangle. In the old days we would recommend you dig a round hole to plant your tree. Now we recommend a 3 point triangle shaped hole so the roots will not circle around the hole you dig. With a triangle shaped hole the roots will go out to the end of the triangle and penetrate the outer ground better. While this is not always a problem it can be so why not use the triangle hole and be sure. Do not amend the soil to much when you dig a hole to plant your tree. You want the tree's roots to get into the regular soil right away and extend out to find water. I do recommend you dig a larger hole but only to break up the soil so the roots can penetrate it better.

Tree Planting Guys offers this tip, the base of the tree where the roots flair out should be at or above the base of the ground, do not plant the tree so the base of the roots is below ground level. If the base of the tree is planted below ground level there is a danger that the planting hole will fill up with water allowing the roots to become water logged. This can be a problem if the soil is not well drained and the tree is planted in your lawn.

Tree Planting and Watering your new Tree

Some people prefer to place a ring or berm of soil around the tree so it can be filled with water. Tree Planting Guys  knows a much better solution is to use a drip irrigation system and water enough so the soil becomes completely wetted down to the base of the roots and out a foot or so beyond the drip line of the tree. If you do not have an irrigation system and must water with a hose you can still use a drip irrigation setup and water longer but more slowly so the soil is wetted completely.

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